Sunday, April 3, 2016

Preaching, Preparing, Practicing Presence: Spring Break 2016 Day Three

 I drove by myself to TriWorship Covenant in Federal Way today to open the word of God with the people of God (which is just about my favorite thing to do in the whole world) who meet together at Saghalie Middle School.  Pastor David Aaron Johnson was visiting his family in Kansas City to celebrate the 95th birthday of a family friend.  Church planters don’t usually have associate pastors to preach when they need a Sunday off, so I get called on pretty regularly to be pulpit supply for just such occasions.  I have finally put “itinerant preacher” on my résumé.   

It’s 39 miles door to door, and I listened to Christian music on the radio the whole way.  This is a new thing for me because I can’t stand to listen to the Christian radio hosts talking.  Can’t. Stand. It. Just play the music and keep quiet, please.  And I don’t indiscriminately love all the new contemporary Christian music.  But lately I have found that getting gospel music on my brain’s playlist is good for my soul.  I meditate on it all day in a back door kind of way, and that replaces some of the little nagging worries that ordinarily make up my playlist.  It even sort of reminds me to pray.  I don’t understand by what mechanism all that works, but it does, so I’ll keep at it for now.

The service was lovely.  Much of the worship music was new to me, but the worship leader sang in such a way that it was easy to follow; rather than performing worship songs, he actually led the worship.  You now how sometimes worshipping in a new setting is difficult just because it’s new and a little (or a lot) different than what you’re used to?  Today was different but not difficult.  There was a small, post-Easter congregation today, but the sermon went well and was well-received.  I had meaningful conversations with several people both before and after.  I love TriWorship’s intentional vision for a multiethnic community of faith.

I met Darrel for lunch, and then he had a long errand to run, so I came home and entered my usual post-sermon coma, but it lasted barely an hour today in spite of staying up late last night to watch Peter Dinklage guest-host Saturday Night Live.  We’re fans of Dinklage.

Speaking of SNL, I guess we are officially old and out of touch.  SNL had a funny moment or two, but nothing laugh-out-loud.  Much of the show was plain old boring.  I expect it to be offensive at times, but even the offense was boring.  Un-funny.  Tepid.  I wish I had just gone to bed on time. 

I decided to start a project.  That required me to do a bit of straightening up of my craft area, which led to a flurry of general straightening things up and organizing, throwing away old ads, finding unpaid bills (oops!), texting someone for an address so I could send a thank you note, emptying bags (Have I told you about my bag obsession?), filing things, and the like.  As distracting as all that was, it needed doing and I felt a little lighter afterwards.  I came across an unfinished project—making gift tags out of recycled Christmas cards—and decided to work on that.  I realize that Christmas is several months away yet, but I have to work on things way in advance or projects that should be relaxing become stressful instead.  I am preparing now to enjoy Christmas later.

Multitasking came next:  working on the tags, talking to my daughter on the phone, answering some emails, setting up a breakfast date for tomorrow, helping Darrel post his car for sale on Facebook, making dinner, fielding inquiries on the car, eating dinner, playing Qwirkle, finishing the tags, showing the car, texting and chatting with several different people, watching Steve Harvey’s new show, selling the car, inviting the buyers in for a soda, looking for the car title . . . well, you know how it goes.

Speaking of Steve Harvey’s new show Little Big Shots, based on the previews I had no interest in seeing it.  But Darrel turned it on while we were eating and playing Qwirkle.  We had a conversation that went something like this:

Debbie:  Okay, I was wrong; this show is pretty cute.
Darrel:  Yeah, it’s lot like that old Art Linkletter show.  (Silence as we eat, play a couple of turns, and watch a little more of the show.
Debbie:  You know, it’s a lot like that old Art Linkletter show.
Darrel:  I just said that.
Debbie:  I’m a terrible wife.

I’m trying to practice being more present.  Apparently I still need more practice!

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