Saturday, April 9, 2016

Broken Knives and Free Workouts: Spring Break 2016 Day Eight

It's going to be over too fast!  It's been a full week, but boy-oh-boy I could get used to this.

I slept well last night, the best night of sleep all week.  Maybe all the tiptoeing through the tulips yesterday had something to do with that.  And then today has been another glorious day of sunshine and warmth.

I was going to sew all day but I accidentally hit a pin while using my serger which caused the knife to snap, even though the knife is a pretty thick piece of metal.  The repair shop's "serger guy" wouldn't be in until Monday, so I decided to start taking it apart to see if I could troubleshoot it and repair it myself.  That's when I discovered the broken knife.  I took that in to the repair shop, but they didn't have that piece, so they ordered it for me.  It probably won't be in before Thursday.  Sigh.

I can sew without my serger, but it does some tasks so much better and faster than my regular sewing machine that I decided to wait.  All those cut projects will remain in pieces a bit longer.  While I was out, though, I ran to Costco for bacon ($110 for bacon?  I didn't even get a cart.  How on earth did I spend $110?), then grabbed some lunch, and stopped by Safeway to see if anyone had turned in the magnetic sunglasses that came with my prescription glasses and which are impossible to replace without a ridiculous expenditure, and, yes, someone had!  So happy to have them back.

Darrel got home shortly after I did, and we decided to run to a local gym that is having a $10 per month/no contract offer.  They wanted all of our contact information, including our birth date, "for liability purposes," before they would even show us around.  Why do they need our birth dates for a liability waiver?  The guy didn't seem interested in just telling us how it works and showing us around without that information, so we left and came home.  Frustrating and scammy.

We knew there was some limited workout equipment in our condo clubhouse, so we checked it out. It took some finagling and reading the posted instructions, but we got several pieces of equipment to work.  My favorite is a sort of rowing machine that looks a bit like a bicycle and is very easy to operate and still a decent workout.  I went to the gym in the first place because I wanted access to a rowing machine.  Darrel said we could start working out together for free in the clubhouse after work. Free and convenient. The only downside, really, is that the workout room is dark, dank, and poorly lit.  After two years, my frozen shoulder is starting to improve, finally, so I'm hoping that if I am careful, I can ease back into exercise without making it worse and finally being doing something physical.

So we came back to the condo, cooked dinner, played Qwirkle, and watched a little TV; Darrel finally found a site where we could watch the recent season of Dr. Who for free.  I put all the sewing stuff away for now and began working on a card-making project.  I didn't finish any, though, because I was doing some hand water-coloring (with water color pencils and an aqua pen), and that takes time.  It's enjoyable but not speedy.

I'm coming to the end of spring break, and I feel just the tiniest bit of that amusement park anxiety.  I haven't done enough and it's almost time to go!  Tomorrow has some planned activities that will make the day go too fast, and then Sunday is church and gearing up for the week and then--back to work.

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