Saturday, April 9, 2016

Joyful Tasks: Spring Break 2016 Day Nine

I made it to Fuchsia Saturday at Fred Meyer, and after standing in line for a long time which seemed shorter due to the glorious weather, I got my hanging basket filled with fuchsia starts, creeping charlie, and bacopa.  Many years I miss Fuchsia Saturday all together, and even when I have known the date and made it on time to buy fuchsias, I have never had the patience to wait long enough for the employees to pot my purchases before.  I just buy my starts and take them home and plant them myself.  But today I waited.  Many of the other customers standing in line were in a sun-induced,  jovial mood, as was I.  The elderly man who potted my starts was pleasant, too, and I enjoyed my few moments with him as we chatted about how to arrange the plants in the hanging basket I had brought from home.

I picked up a few other things at Fred Meyer and then headed to Jen's new apartment in the U Village. Jen and Darrel were already there.  We spent several hours unpacking Jen's boxes, arranging her kitchen, sorting through items that had been in storage as long as three years.  She made a large pile for Goodwill, and Darrel took multiple loads to the recycle bin as we emptied boxes and discarded packing materials.  It was hard, sweaty work, but it felt good to see the progress we made.  I brought home a huge pile of clothes, sheets, blankets, and pillow covers to launder to remove the musty smell of storage.

Arriving home, I put out my new fuchsias on the deck, put away some treasures I rescused from Jen's giveaway pile, and started laundry.  Mountains of it.  I also finished making the birthday cards I began last night; I'm pretty pleased with the results.

I wanted to make baby and anniversary cards, but I ran out of time.  And energy.  My body is feeling the fatigue of the very physical labor I did today.  I got my workout today!

Darrel came home after dropping Jen off and taking his dad shopping, and we cooked dinner and played another game of Qwirkle while we ate.  Darrel finally broke my winning streak.  Then we watched a couple of episodes of Dr. Who.  We are slowly getting into the rhythm of the new season. Just as Clara and the others must become accustomed to the new doctor, so must we.

The day went fast, filled with joyful tasks.  And spring break is going faster.  One more day.

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