Sunday, April 10, 2016

Farewell, Spring Break! 2016

Today began with church.  I had a 10-minute talk to do in our Sunday school class; by all accounts it went well.  Then service.  Being at my home church is restorative for me.  I've written about this before; our church is not flashy or slick, but it's a place of worship, contemplation, family, and joy.  I always feel "home" there.

Then Darrel made tacos for lunch lunch while I worked on Jen's laundry. Then Darrel turned on golf on TV and I took a two-hour nap.  Sundays so often these days include a nap.

I finished Jen's laundry, and we played a couple of games.  I made bacon and eggs for dinner.  We decided to watch a couple of episodes of Dr. Who, so I got out some origami paper and folded bookmarks while we watched.

Then I decided to tackle some baby cards.  Since I only had an idea of the design, I had to make a prototype, which took some time, but I liked the finished product.  I've been working at my standing desk in my craft room, which makes it easier to grab things and maneuver and, oddly, to put things away when I'm finished.  I cut and stamped the cards, punched the shapes, Sizzixed the word bubbles, and assembled the dimensional pieces.  Tomorrow I will put the dimensional adhesive on the loose pieces and finish assembling the cards.

I'm so glad I blogged my spring break.  Not only did I record the various tasks that I accomplished during the week, but the act of recording caused me to wake up each morning with a sense of anticipation.  What can I accomplish today?  Blogging also helped me to recognize the time I spend with family and friends as tasks worth accomplishing rather than interruptions to my productivity.  I know the weather helped, but I am refreshed and happy.

I've made such good use of my week that it almost feels odd to think I'll be back at work at work tomorrow.  I'm so glad I did two weeks of planning before I left last week.  I won't have to get there particularly early, just early enough to double-check my plan book, update the journal topics and assignments on the white board, and make sure I have copies of any handouts I'll need for the day.

Come on, fourth quarter!  I'm ready for you!

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