Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Playful and Polished: Spring Break 2016 Day Five

 No alarm (but woke up early anyway).  No makeup (at least until I had to run an errand).  No seeing anyone I knew (except Darrel).  A good kind of day, and a nice change of pace.  I like work but I hate alarms.

I cut fabric—a skirt, two tote bags.  Mused over other projects.  Dug through my supplies.  Needed a few things.  Got dressed.

Bath and Body Works: new shower sponge
Home Depot:  curtain rods and hydrangea food
Costco:  returns, plus olive oil and honey
Post Office: mail letters that wouldn’t fit in our condo’s outgoing mail slot
Taco Time: a girl’s gotta eat
Joann’s: 1/8 of a yard of denim, some Heat ‘n Bond, a magnetic purse clasp (Don’t look!  Don’t look at all the pretty things! I looked.)
Car wash: ‘nuff said
Bank: deposit checks

Project:  I applied Heat ‘n Bond to the denim and then cut letters out of the fabric with my Sizzix, then ironed them on to the bottom portions of legs of pants I had cut off (I do a lot of cutting off of legs of pants for some of my family members), sewed up one end and across the corners to make a rectangle-shaped bottom, added a cord and a handle, and made cute little initial bags.  I can’t show a photo because someone is getting those for a gift!

Oops, I should have bought ¼ yard of denim.  I forgot I needed some for the strap of another tote bag that I didn’t have quite enough fabric for.  Made do.  I also put out a Facebook call, plus one strategic email, for scraps of polyester fleece batting that I can use for the tote bags.  It needs hardly any, and I didn’t want to purchase a whole piece when I just need a few smallish squares.  Three different people have offered me their leftovers!  This is why crafters are hoarders.  I once needed some wine corks for a project (believe it or not, I didn’t have enough of my own), and a friend gave me a huge bag of them.  The things people keep on hand!

A good friend and I have an outing tomorrow.  We chatted online about what we’ll do; it’s so seldom that we both have daytime hours free at the same time.  So fun to make plans!  When I get tired of working on projects, I check Facebook, play online Scrabble or Solitaire, or read articles I have saved.

Darrel came home. We played a game, he napped, I puttered some more, he woke up, I made dinner, he put the sash rods on the French doors to the craft room, and we ate and played another game.

Oops, I should have bought a full yard of the denim.  I forgot I needed some to make a two-fabric child’s dress.  I keep picking up pieces of fabric and patterns that I want to make work, but I don’t have quite enough of something to do that project, so I set them back down.  An hour later, I do it again.  There must be some way to make this work, I think, but alas! not without another trip to Joann’s.

Project:  I made sash rod curtains for the French doors out of a piece of novelty tapestry fabric that I love and bought some time ago for this purpose.  They actually went together pretty fast, in spite of my error.  I ripped a piece of muslin in half to use for the lining, but I did something wrong and it didn’t rip evenly (usually it does). Or maybe the piece wasn’t a perfect rectangle to begin with.  I don’t know.  So now I have unlined sash rod curtains! 

It doesn’t really matter because the unlined side faces the craft room, and when I am in there, I always have the door open anyway.  My youngest daughter may have to sleep in the craft room when she visits this summer (we’re expecting lots of company); now at least she’ll have some privacy.  And now it doesn’t matter how messy the craft room is any more because, if the doors are closed, no one can see in.  I really like the way they turned out—playful but polished.

Tomorrow:  sewing in the morning, outing in the afternoon, sewing in the evening.  I hope to be a sewing machine.  Ha ha!  I crack myself up sometimes, especially at 11 p.m.

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