Thursday, October 8, 2009

10 Little Things I Love

1. The way my hair looks when I first get up in the morning—I wish I could just neaten it up a little and spray it and go, but that never works.

2. When the dip and the chips you dish up end at exactly the same bite—Otherwise, I have to keep getting more dip and/or more chips until it comes out even. Same thing, but with homemade cookies and milk.

3. A nap before dinner—I have never been a napper, but I hit that half-century mark recently, so now the most delicious feeling is giving in and falling asleep on the loveseat.

4. My own stuff—I hate using someone else’s tennis racquet, golf clubs, car, socks, bathroom, toothbrush, whatever.

5. Office supplies—Seriously, I could stand for hours at Office Depot fondling the Post-It notes, paper clips, various sizes of envelopes, ink cartridges, accessories for personal planners, short little Sharpies on key chains . . .

6. Not setting the alarm—On Saturdays, I often wake up at the same time as I do on weekdays, but not to the horrible screech of the alarm. Plus, I know I can go back to sleep without guilt if I want to.

7. Clean sheets, clean PJs, clean bodies, all at the same time.

8. Crossing things off my list—The truth is, even though I hate being too busy, I hate doing nothing even more, and I love a sense of accomplishment. I’m one of those nuts who will write tasks on my list after I’ve already done them and then cross them off, so at the end of the day I have a visual record of my successes. Laundry counts as five items: sort, wash, dry, fold, put away.

9. Design shows on TV—I’m seriously addicted, and I don’t even have much space in this 847-square-foot condo to decorate. Favorites include Color Splash, Divine Design, and Design on a Dime. How can I get them to come to Seattle and help me with my guest room/office/craft room? (Note from Emily: You mean MY room?) I get a big kick, too, out of noticing when they are shopping at the same fine establishments that I frequent; for instance, the chrome floral bowl that sits on my coffee table I have seen on Divine Design (Candice Olson shops at IKEA a lot, I think.) AND Deserving Design.

10. Having someone else to take out the trash—If you are an astute reader, you will notice all the subtext in that one.

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  1. I, too, love partitioning a task so that you can cross each one off.