Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Inking of Age--A 100-Word Novel

On her eighteenth birthday, she came home, found Ma in the kitchen, and rolled up her shirt. Ma, predictably, gasped.

“That’s permanent, you know. That ain’t gonna look good when you’re eighty.”

“Ma, nothin’ looks good when you’re eighty.”

Ma stared at daughter for a long moment and finally, with just enough movement to change the light reflecting off her bifocals, nodded. She found another glass, poured a half inch of wine into it from her own glass, and handed it to her daughter.

“Okay, then.”


  1. Love it! I like the idea of 100 word novels...I should try that!

    Thanks for visiting my Mom Jeans Blog, and to answer your question, I have the same problem. My hips have always been disproportionately "curvier" than they should be, and it's horribly annoying!!! You're on the right track though - looking for curvy, relaxed fit, etc. Ann Taylor was a great place for that, I thought...

    Thanks for visiting!